10 Reasons Why I Smiled This Week


I tend to have a hard time looking at the good things in life, the bright side of life for my Monty Python-ites out there — *waves* — so I thought I would write a list of all the unicorn* things that have happened in the last week that have made me smile.
*By unicorn, I mean mysteriously magical mythical things.

  1. My new friend K’s awesomeness by making my Sailor Moon pose for free. And for no other reason than she wanted to help me out. Who does that these days?! Thank you again K! So much!!
  2. Conversations on Twitter, because they have been keeping me sane in their madness. Bacon is now a religion and porking someone is totally not what you think!
  3. First ever early access to a fair (Shiny Shabby), thanks to [SL] Blogger Support. I actually had no idea that group is granted early access to some fairs and events. I’d probably have been too terrified to apply if I’d known that!!
  4. Ticking lots of things off my to-do lists!
  5. Productive meetings.
  6. First blogging event acceptance: Body Art Hunt!
  7. SL12B Greeter acceptance. Oh Em Gee! I am so excited! Squee!!
  8. Ever Afterr. Yeah she totes gets a mention because somehow she completes me!
  9. Being told by co-workers and boss ladies that I’ve done an amazing job with my internship!
  10. Spending Geek Pride Day being awesome and watching movies with the Eidann.


I couldn’t imagine this many wonderful things happening even if I tried!
That’s not to say amazing things don’t happen to me. They most definitely do! I am usually oblivious to them. Plus, more often than not, I talk myself out of things because I rarely feel like I’m good enough.

For instance, I’m chomping at the bit to get my blog on some feeds and to get some blogging applications in. However, most feeds and blogging applications require a minimum blog age of 3 months; I still have a little under two months to go.
At the same time I’m terrified of applying for either because, like many people, I’m afraid of rejection. I’m afraid of the never-hearing-anything or, worse, correspondence telling me I’m terrible unsuccessful at this time.

Because one instance is never enough, here’s another. When I finally decided to apply for the internship with VIRTUALVillage Media it took me a week to build up the courage just to hit submit  on the application! I’m not exaggerating either. It might have been a few days more than a week if I’m truly honest.
I decided to copy all of the questions in the application into a document and I sat there every day for that week working on my responses; editing, tweaking, fixing and lots of coffee and a fair amount of swearing later I finally let it go and hit “submit”.
And then I spent the next few days in a panic because I was so damn sure they’d have far better candidates than I lined up.
“That’s okay” I told myself. And it was because I had done something I’d never done before; I hit submit.

In case you’re wondering, I did get the internship at VIRTUALVillage Media and I love it more than I love coffee. And I really love coffee.

During the the last week I have finally figured out that patience is actually quite rewarding. The internship, the blogging for Body Art Hunt and being accepted as a greeter for the SL12B celebrations were all applied for days, weeks and even a month before I heard confirmation or was accepted. You can probably tell that patience has never been my strongest suit. I’m getting there, slowly.

And, while I patiently wait for my minimum three month blog age, I can take my time reading through the feeds and events and pick the ones that best suit me and my brand. I suppose I shouldn’t really say it like that, as if I’m being some picky snob. I guess I am to an extent, this is my brand and my blog that I am building and spending so much time working on. This is the thing I love to do so yeah, I will be picky and I will strive for being added and accepted to the feeds and bloggers groups that inspire me to not only write but to be more than ordinary.

Whether or not that’s achievable, who knows. All I do know is that I am excited about all these wonderful things happening and I’m looking forward to seeing what other wonders will unfold.

I hope you’ve had many wonderful things to smile about this week. Let me know in the comments!


Skin: Glam Affair Luna skin – Jamaica Tone – 08 — by Aida Ewing
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Bohemian :: FULL14008 :: — by Leti Hax
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * LAUREN * reds-pack — by Mirja Mills
Hair Base: DeeTaleZ Hair shaved tattoo flowers — by کτعғғ (steffi.villota)
Eyes: IKON  VIP Group Gift – March 2015 — by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes — by Freya Olivieri
Eye Liner: DeeTaleZ Eyeliner A BLACK — by کτعғғ (steffi.villota)
Lips: DeeTaleZ Makeup BLOOD Lips matt — by کτعғғ (steffi.villota)
Ears: [MANDALA] UNISEX STEKING_EARS_Season 5 — by Kikunosuke Eel


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Smiled This Week

  1. Congrats for getting into the SL12B as a greeter 🙂 I know how overwhelming it is to get invited on that event. I did my first coverage on SL7B way back 2010 as a press and I was very happy! It’s probably one of my memorable achievement as a blogger in SL.

    and I enjoyed reading your blog btw! 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂
      I think I must have worded my post incorrectly; I’m not at all overwhelmed by the SL12B greeter acceptance 🙂 I’m excited!!

      I’m really happy to read you enjoyed SL7B! That’s me even more excited, if it’s possible!

      Thank you for your comment Aubrey! 🙂


  2. Squee! You complete me MORE! 💗

    So happy for you about the Body Art Hunt and getting to be a greeter at SL12B! That’s so cool! I promise I won’t show up and harass you (*too* much) or embarrass you in front of the crowd by profusely declaring my adoration for you (*too* loudly). J/K gonna do both. I’m a rascal like that. ^_^

    And in closing, may I just say: U R teh bezt n eye lurve ur blawg. (Ouch, brain hurting!) Also, the Eidann is a cutie. Not that I perved on his Gravatar or anything. >_>


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