About Razzy

Razzy-Needs-A-Job_002-CompleteRaznay Decosta is a full-time resident of the virtual world Second Life®
She first logged in on the 9th of April, 2007.

And that about does it for the formal third-person nonsense on this blog.
You see, just because I write and live virtually as Raznay Decosta doesn’t mean I am any less me. I may not use my real name here but what you read and the voice you hear is still me. So let’s talk a little about me.

I am a writer, first and foremost. I have been writing everything I could possibly imagine since I was first able to hold a pencil and form legible letters. Writing is my passion, my love and my gift. I work hard every day to improve my skills and to push myself out of my comfort zone.
My dream is to become a copywriter and actually earn a living from doing what I love and do best; writing.

I’m also a gamer with a love of co-op role playing games and first person shooters. I don’t claim to be a great gamer, just someone who enjoys playing for fun. Some of my favourite games include DC Universe Online, the Halo collection — except 5 as I don’t currently own it — as well as Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six Vegas. The latter being a really old game now, but still one of my favourites.

It probably also comes as absolutely no surprise to you that I love shopping, you know, since I have some emphasis on fashion on my blog and all! While my enthusiasm has waned in recent times, a direct result of not having the nearly unlimited funds I used to, my love of shopping hasn’t wavered. I am always on the look out for the next cute outfit, perfect accessory to tie everything together or a new style to really bring out my eclectic personality!

I share my love of all things geek with my adorable husband Eidann; affectionately known around this blog as “the Eidann”. Together we own and run a podcast that explores all things geek and tech from the unique perspectives of a guy and a girl.
We live with our beautiful Master and Overlord cat and our adorable husky in a little house in Australia.

For the purposes of full disclosure and honesty:
I am female and have chosen to represent myself in Second Life® as a female avatar.