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Raznay Decosta introduction, blogging, blogger, blog, writer, writing, copywriting, photography, Second Life, Returning to Second Life® this year I realised I could do more with my time than just shop, try on clothes and then shop some more.
Through a few steps — written out in beautiful detail here — I found myself in a position to blog, write and focus on my dream of learning copy.

Writing has always been a passion for me. One of my earliest memories was of a favourite teacher telling me that I not only had beautiful handwriting, but I could also write such wonderful stories. Little me beamed with pride and happiness.
That day a little seed was planted that was fed again and again by teachers, friends and friends parents when they read my work.

Over the years I kept working on my writing, often channeling it into journals or diaries. When I discovered blogging and how easy it was to blog I wrote about my life, then I created another blog and wrote my stories. Another blog saw the emergence of my activism. They were short lived because at my core I am incredibly shy and usually reserve my words for my closest friends.

There was an hiatus while I focussed on other parts of my life. My writing, while not forgotten, wasn’t nourished and it began to falter. I missed writing, but felt my words wouldn’t benefit anyone and that, simply, no one cared. Eventually I began to ponder what it would be like to write solely for myself and not worry about others judgements. It was an overwhelmingly attractive prospect. I began to write entirely for myself without restrictions or limitations on content. A theme was emerging in my writing. Thus began the next generation of blogs.

I created a mental health blog as a community for people who had nowhere else to turn. I shared my own stories, memories and accounts of how I managed certain things. I began doing research and even more research and started to write more specifically on what it was my community shared and how to manage and cope with it. While that blog is no longer active — it ran its course — it is still there as a basic resource for those who may want it.

Fashion found it’s way into my life and, because I was at a loss as to what to do with all this free time, I decided to write fashion things. While my writing excelled the having to take photo’s daily and actually wear pants thing became a little too much and I realised this was not the calling I was looking for.

The Eidann and I decided to focus on our podcast and I soon realised I would be able to blog about all the geeky things that I love so much. I am yet to write about cats, bacon or Firefly. I keep telling myself that I will… one day… soon…

While the journey has been long, it has all led towards the moment I began That wonderful moment when everything fell into place and the world just seemed to glisten and sparkle and sing.

I finally found a home.
I finally found my voice.