The Dj and the Hostess


I began my career in Second Life® as a welcome hostess for the BigPond Estates. It was there that I learned the value of a great host to generate interest in event driven activities. Adding to my welcome hostess role, I began hosting some of the events, which also led to me learning how to DJ.

My first set went remarkably well, given I had less than two hours to learn how to use the equipment, generate a playlist and figure out how to talk live.
I found a love for playing all the the songs and began to focus more on being a DJ than being a welcome host.

I will happily play anything from pop, r’n’b, rock, alternative, goth, metal and, on occasion, country.
My catch phrase is: Anything goes. If I can’t find it this time, I will have it in my sweet little hands next time.

These are some of the venues I have worked during my time in Second Life®:

  • Pond Estates – admin team for the BigPond presence in Second Life®, including hosting and DJ
  • Club Vibez – DJ
  • RMS Titanic – DJ and Hostess
  • Hellz Curse – DJ
  • Kama Sutra – DJ Manager and House DJ
  • Secret Passions – DJ
  • Lesbian Desires Club & Beach – DJ, Hostess and Manager
  • The Girgori – DJ
  • Angel’s – DJ
  • Pervy’s – DJ
  • Duplicity – DJ
  • Southern Belle’s – DJ
  • Club Athanasia – DJ
  • Club Borealis – DJ (April – May 2015)

While I’m not currently working at venues as a DJ I am still happily accepting bookings.
I am also available for hosting bookings.
Please send an email to to discuss your requirements with me.