Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions as I spend time on my Second Life® adventures. The more questions I get the more I’ve noticed a lot of them are the same. Thus we can all enjoy the benefits of a FAQs page!
This page will be updated regularly as more questions are asked.

Q. How often do you post?
I currently aim to write, photograph and publicise one quality personal blog post a week.
If I am blogging for an event, store or designer and they have specific requirements, I will always meet those requirements.

Q. I really like what you wore in a photo. Where can I find that outfit?
At the bottom of my posts you will find the credits where I list everything I wore as well as any furniture, poses and locations I use or visit.

Q. I like your writing, would you write for me?
Absolutely! Send an email to with your outline, requirements and time frame so we can discuss it further.

Q. Your photo’s are really pretty. Can you take my photo?
No. There are far better photographers out there who are more deserving of your patronage than I am.
For a list of absolutely brilliant photographers — compiled by Strawberry Singh — please click here. (Link will take you to

Q. Will you write for free?
Yes, if I have time. Send an email to with your outline, requirements and time frame. I will do my best to help.

Q. Are you listed on any feeds?
Not at this time. All of the feeds I am interested in being part of have a minimum blog age requirement that I don’t meet.

Q. Do you currently blog for any stores or designers?
Not yet! If you are looking for a blogger please feel free to send an email to to discuss your blogging needs.

Q. Do you know where I can get clothes for mesh bodies?
If your mesh body is the Maitreya Mesh Body Lara please head here for the ever growing list of stores catering for Lara.



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